Advance Praise for Waste: A Philosophy of Things

I’m honoured to have some extremely generous endorsements for my book, Waste: A Philosophy of Things, from two scholars whose work has been an inspiration to me:

“If the primary achievement of recent civilization is to produce unprecedented heaps of garbage, what does this tell us about that civilization? In his pleasantly lucid prose style, Will Viney answers this question by providing an ontology, a sociology, and even an art criticism of waste, with special attention to the writings of T.S. Eliot and James Joyce and the visual art of Cornelia Parker and Mark Dion.” – Graham Harman, Distinguished University Professor, American University in Cairo

“This book will convince you that our most complex contemporary ideas about time are at work in the concept of waste. It draws its temporal concepts from many places, from art and literature, philosophy and cultural theory, narrative and the theory of narrative to think about the time of things – things we discard, things we used to use, things we collect, things that fall into ruin, and things that hold the future within them. It animates the theory of things and makes something beautiful out of waste.” – Mark Currie, Professor of Contemporary Literature, School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Graham Harman’s work on object-oriented philosophy and speculative realism led me to the subject of things, to Heidegger’s analysis of the broken tool, and to Latour; all became influential as I got through the book. Mark Currie is a leading narratologist and has written some fantastic books on the relationship between time, storytelling, and fiction.

Parts of the book can now be seen using Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ function. And there may be something available on Google Books after the book is published on 22nd May.


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